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About Factory

Is one of the leading cement companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It was founded in 1381 AH by His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Saud Al-Kabeer, may God have mercy​ on him, and started production in 1386 AH in one production line (oven number 1) with a capacity of 300 tons clinker / The company's first expansion was in 1392 AH with the addition of a second production line (kiln no. 2) with a production capacity of 800 tons / clinker / day, followed by a second expansion in 1398 which added production lines of 1500 ton / clinker / (Oven no. 3 and oven no. 4) The third expansion was in 1402 AH and the addition of kiln No. 5 and the production increased from 1400 tons / clinker / day to 5600 k / day. The fourth expansion jumped by production in 1411 from 5600 to 8650 kt by adding a complete production line The producti​on capacity of 3000 tons / clinker / day. The fifth expansion is production line 7 with a production capacity of 10,000 tons / clinker / day. This was accompanied by an expansion in the capacities of grinding raw materials, grinding of cement, storage of raw materials and finished products, Electrical necessary for the factory.    ​

Other aspects of Al Yamama Cement
• The number of employees and employees in the company during the month of January 2010 (937) worker and employee
• The current daily production of clinker (18600) tons, or more than (21800) tons of cement
• Clinker is the material that comes out of the furnaces and is produced from the burning of raw materials under high temperatures and this material is then grinded with a certain proportion of gypsum to become known cement.
• The company produces ordinary Portland cement and salt resistant cement.
• Cement delivers to customers either a bagged weight of 50 kg bag or a liquid