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​​​​​Driven by its commitment towards satisfying customers needs and ensuring the compatibility of its Quality Assurance System with the internationally well-known standards, Yamama wasted no effort to obtain the compatibility certificate with ISO 9001 standard. It was granted the needed certificate from one of the best-known registrars all over the world: M/S Quality Management Institute (QMI) a division of the Canadian Counsel for Standards. M/S QMI appreciated the self-efforts exerted by Yamama in establishing a well-controlled system in Arabic language, something rare in the region. This success only encouraged Yamama to start the registration process of its Environmental Management System to obtain the needed certificate of compatibility with ISO14001
Yamama is always keen to keep its laboratories fully equipped with the most advanced technology to be able to control the quality of its products and to keep them within the best limits permitted by local and international standards.To mention but an example, the testing and measuring equipment is always duly calibrated and the computers used in these labs are the latest where they control sample analyses and give the necessary instructions to correct deviations if any, making sure that Yamama products are always fully compatible with the standards and always capable of satisfying customers. To confirm the validity of results, a further step is taken where samples are sent to internationally well-known labs. Copies of these certificates can be obtained free of charge.​​