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​​The name "Yamama Saudi Cement Company" is derived from a famous and historical place in the central region.

Yamama Cement was established in1956 by Prince Mohammed Bin Saud Al-Kabeer, mainly to manufacture and trade in cement in Riyadh, the capital of K.S.A. Yamama which is a shareholding company, is rega​rded as the oldest cement company in the central region and the third of its kind in the kingdom. Currently, its paid up capital mounts to SR1350 million.

Almost half a century had passed since YAMAMA SAUDI CEMENT Company was established. It still assumes its advance dignity and supports its success day after day, due to capitalizing on investment chances and climate which have been brought up and developed by our country wise policies. Since the first start of YSCC and commencement of its activities in the cement industry, it adheres to be one of the pioneer companies.

To watch the documentary film of Yamama cement Co, please go to this link