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Cement In The World

Cement in the world
​ Is the type developed by man in the beginning since the first real attempts initiated by British Joseph Ospedine in 1824 and produced cement portland Ndi preparation of a mixture of limestone and clay soil and then grinding and the formation of paste after mixing them with water and then burn this paste in special ovens to produce them Black cement is later crushed to be ready for use in construction (Portland cement is similar to the color of British Portland stone). The world's cement production now amounts to about 1600 million tons of cement per year (according to 2000 statistics). Arab countries About 100 million tons, while the United States of America i​s at the forefront of producers with a production of about 80 million tons per year. Analysts estimate annual per capita consumption of cement as evidence of the extent of urban progress in a country. Saudi Arabia's per capita consumption of cement is one of the highest in the world.
Cement Type ​​
Cement factories produce different types suitable to the needs of the construction industry in general, for exa​mple, Ordinary Portland Cement (Type I) Type 1 Cement-resistant Portland Cement (Type 5) White Cement and Colored Cement Oil Well Cement Cement Fast Cementing Bose .. However, the most common types are ordinary Portland cement while the use of other species on certain areas only.